Thursday, April 28, 2022

MFA, literary translation 
Research project: Translating Jose J. Veiga's Little Horses of Platiplanto 
Destination: Brazil 
Home city: New York, New York

 “I'll be traveling to the state of Goiás in Brazil to conduct research on the 20th-century Brazilian writer José J. Veiga. Though he's been seldom translated into English, Veiga was one of Brazil's most celebrated novelists during his lifetime, known for his surreal and strange fiction, most of which he set in his home state of Goiás. The Stanley Graduate Award for International Research will allow me to investigate the many ways that Goiás’ cultural and regional particularities influenced Veiga’s fiction. This would facilitate not only my translation of his work, but future scholarship in order to introduce Veiga to English-speaking audiences.”

young blond man wearing glasses and green shirt