1. Begin Looking 4-6 Months in Advance: Start your internship search well in advance to give yourself enough time to research opportunities, apply, and secure a position. Use our internship opportunities list to access some interesting internship opportunities.
  2. Talk to Your Advisor: Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to discuss your interests, career goals, and potential internship opportunities. You can also meet with a Career Coach at the Pomerantz Center. They can provide guidance on finding relevant internships and offer valuable advice on the application process.
  3. Decide When You Will Do Your Internship: We encourage students to complete internships before the spring semester of their 4th year. Consider your academic schedule and personal commitments to determine the best semester to pursue an internship. Some students may choose to intern during the summer while others may opt for a semester-long internship during the fall or spring.
  4. Sign Up for TRNS:3498: You will need to register for the appropriate class and credit hours in order to get credit for your internship an complete your degree requirements. Check with your academic advisor to determine the requirements for earning credit and enroll in the appropriate internship class.
  5. Apply for the Internship: Once you've identified potential internship opportunities, apply by submitting your resume, cover letter, and any additional application materials required by the employer. You can apply through the company's website, attend recruitment events, or reach out to advisors for assistance in finding suitable opportunities.
  6. Fill Out the Internship Agreement Form: After securing an internship, download and complete the Internship Agreement Form. This document outlines the terms and responsibilities of the internship and is signed by you, your academic advisor, and your supervisor at the internship site. Make sure everyone involves has a copy of the agreement.
  7. Begin Your Internship: Start your internship on the agreed-upon start date and familiarize yourself with your responsibilities, the company culture, and your coworkers. Schedule regular check-ins with both your faculty advisor and supervisor to discuss your progress, address any concerns, and set goals for the internship. We recommend that you schedule check-ins with your faculty advisor after the first week, 3-5 weeks in, and at least one week before completion.
  8. Complete the Final Assignment: To receive academic credit for your internship, complete the final assignment as outlined by your faculty advisor. This could include a reflective paper, a presentation, or a portfolio showcasing your work and accomplishments during the internship. Make sure to submit the assignment by the specified deadline to fulfill the requirements of the internship program.

If you have any questions about this process or about the internship requirement in general, contact ui-dwllc@uiowa.edu or your academic advisor.