The following list is a good place to start looking for internships opportunities. This list is not exhaustive, however.

  • GlobalTies Iowa
    Are you globally minded? Do you enjoy meeting people from around the world? Are you passionate about cultural exchange and citizen diplomacy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a position at GlobalTies Iowa may be right for you!
  • Iowa International Center (IIC)
    The IIC connects Iowans with people from around the world to create a welcoming and prosperous community. They do this by removing language barriers, reducing biases, and offering international exchanges through a variety of services.
  • Center for Higher Education Linguistics and Translation (CHELT)
    The CHELT is deeply social-justice oriented in its goal, as CHELT recognizes that racial and ethnic discrimination is often amplified by or shrouded in linguistic discrimination. As a result, CHELT seeks to liberate minoritized language populations by improving the language structure of higher education, mitigating the longitudinal effects of racial and ethnic discrimination in our society. To request internship information, fill out the "Talk to CHELT" form after following the link above.
  • Immigrant Welcome Network (IWN)
    The mission of the IWN is to empower and support new immigrant and refugee families in Johnson County, Iowa by providing temporary housing and comprehensive assistance in navigating the complexities of resettlement. They aim to promote self-sufficiency and integration through connecting families with resources such as job opportunities, education, healthcare, and permanent housing.
  • Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP)
    The mission of DVIP is to provide comprehensive support and advocacy services to victims/survivors, focusing on immediate and long-term safety, empowerment, dignity, and hope. In collaboration with the community, they strive to end domestic abuse through education, accountability, and social justice.
  • Open Heartland
    Building relationships is what Open Heartland is all about. A community is most potent when there are positive relationships between all community members. Currently, they support over 300 families that have immigrated from Mexico and Central America who now reside in the community's most vulnerable apartment complexes and mobile home communities. They want to help these families become fully immersed in the community and give their kids the best opportunities in life - which is why they came here in the first place - and it is essential to make sure their basic needs are met, like food, shelter, and safety.
  • Iowa Legal Aid
    Iowa Legal Aid is a nonprofit organization providing critical legal assistance to low-income and vulnerable Iowans who have nowhere else to turn.
  • Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa
    The Center for Worker Justice unites low-wage workers across race, ethnicity, and immigration status to build power and address the root causes of poverty.
  • TranslationPal
    Located in Iowa City, TranslationPal translates documents from multiple languages into English.

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